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I am a professional pet photographer currently located in Pendleton, OR who specializes in capturing the personality of your pets in a low stress, fun, way. Often my images are taken where your pets are the most comfortable, in the home, your backyard, or on their favorite walk. Previously I was the Operations Director for a small non-profit humane society for over 4.5 years. It was the most stressful, emotional, tiring job ever, but I loved it. When my husband and I moved to Central Oregon in 2011  I decided to take a break and try something totally new, but I missed making a difference for homeless animals. 

I was working for a professional photographer doing social media when I took my first Digital Photography Course and started attending trade shows, classes, and conferences and soaking up every bit of information I could. I began volunteering at the Humane Society of Central Oregon every week taking photos of the adoptable pets. As of December 2013 I have taken photos of over 1,400 adoptable dogs, cats, and small animals you can view the images here. My years of working around all shapes, sizes, and temperaments of animals, from feral to friendly has given me the unique ability to capture moments others cannot. When we lost our dog Jackson in October of 2011, the professional images taken of him years earlier were all the more precious. It made me realize how important it was to me that I had plenty of images of my own pets, and that I could offer that to others.

Our family includes three dogs: a Border Collie- Aussie cross who took us to the World Skyhoundz Frisbee Competition in 2008, a Miniature (slightly overly sensitive) Australian Shepherd, a small terrier mix named Kaya.  An older cat named Dubois, and a young trouble maker nicknamed “itten” whom we have had since she was 3 days old. In addition, we have a Quarter Horse mare named Annie who thinks she’s part dog. If you treat your pets like members of your family, to the extent the rest of your family thinks you are a little crazy - we are going to get along just fine! I would love to know more about your furry  family members. Feel free to contact me so we can talk about how to best capture those special traits of your pet in a way that will last forever.

Christiana Gunderson

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"Saving one dog won't change the world but surely it will change the world for that one dog." ~Unknown